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Nuls Türk Lirası Grafik

1 Nuls Kaç TL?

1 Nuls (NULS) = 5.07 TRY

Piyasa Değeri: 521,361,821 TRY

1 Nuls Kaç Dolar?

1 Nuls (NULS) = $0.217469 USD

Piyasa Değeri: $22,375,434 USD

1 Nuls Kaç Euro?

1 Nuls (NULS) = 0.203107 EUR

Piyasa Değeri: 20,897,760 EUR

Canlı Nuls Fiyatı

Kripto para borsalarında ortalama canlı Nuls fiyatı $0.217469 USD’dir. Kripto para piyasası ele alındığında #648 market sıralamasıyla öne çıkan Nuls toplam piyasa değeri bakımından $22,375,434 Dolar değerlemeye sahiptir. $8.53 Dolar ile ATH yapmıştır. Nuls son 24 saatte 0.44% değişime uğramıştır.

Nuls Nedir?

Nuls (NULS) was initially launched as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum blockchain but with the launch of their mainnet, the tokens are now being swapped with Nuls coins on the Nuls blockchain. Nuls mainnet is an open-source public blockchain with a modular architecture which makes it the most flexible in operation for the developers. Various modules are incorporated into the blockchain such as smart contracts, cross chain consensus, multichain system. The main purpose of building this blockchain was to deliver a convenient and flexible technology, easy to adopt for the developers and mainstream industries. The customizable infrastructure of Nuls blockchain improves the enterprise credibility by developing and implementing their own decentralized applications.

Nuls was founded by Jason Zhang, co-founded by Lily Wang and Reaper Ran. The present CEO at Nuls is Liesa Huang. The team consists of 20 other members including developers, system architects, business managers, testing engineers, community managers etc. The advisory board consists of 8 members including Ken Huang, a former Huawei blockchain expert.

The Nuls blockchain is using an innovative Proof of Credit (PoC) consensus algorithm. The working of Proof of Credit protocol is similar to Proof of Stake with a difference that there are two different kinds of nodes requirements in former one. These are agent owner and the Client. The agent owner provides the hardware, creates agent nodes lock deposit and receive commissions from clients. The clients lock the deposits, entrust agent to produce a block and pay commission to agents for producing a block. To become an agent node, the minimum requirement is to stake 20,000 Nuls. The client requires 2000 Nuls to join an agent node. The agent node is not live until he gets enough client nodes so that total amount Nuls at stake is 200,000 NULS. The agent and clients are incentivized for running the Nuls blockchain.

Nuls Hesap Makinesi

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Nuls, Piyasa Değerine Göre En Büyük Fiat Para Birimleriyle Karşılaştırıldı

1 Nuls kaç Çin Yuanı (CNY)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 1.55 CNY
1 Nuls kaç Japon Yeni (JPY)? 1 Nuls (NULS) = 30.43 JPY
1 Nuls kaç İngiliz Sterlini (GBP)?1 Nuls (NULS) = £0.17476
1 Nuls kaç Güney Kore Wonu (KRW)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 284.59 KRW
1 Nuls kaç Hindistan Rupisi (INR)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 17.97 INR
1 Nuls kaç Kanada Doları (CAD)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 0.290802 CAD
1 Nuls kaç Hong Kong Doları (HKD)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 1.71 HKD
1 Nuls kaç Avusturalya Doları (AUD)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 0.326604 AUD
1 Nuls kaç Brezilya Reali (BRL)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 1.07 BRL
1 Nuls kaç Yeni Tayvan Doları (TWD)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 6.68 TWD
1 Nuls kaç İsviçre Frangı (CHF)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 0.197809 CHF
1 Nuls kaç Rus Rublesi (RUB)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 17.73 RUB
1 Nuls kaç Meksika Pezosu (MXN)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 3.77 MXN
1 Nuls kaç Tayland Bahtı (THB)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 7.57 THB
1 Nuls kaç Suudi Arabistan Riyali (SAR)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 0.815548 SAR
1 Nuls kaç Singapur Doları (SGD)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 0.29326 SGD
1 Nuls kaç Vietnam Dongu (VND)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 5,107.59 VND
1 Nuls kaç Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri Dirhemi (AED)?1 Nuls (NULS) = 0.798771 AED
  • Listenin 2. ve 3. sırasını sırasıyla USD ve EUR alıyor.


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